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Busting Illegal Trash Dumpers using Artificial Intelligence

Most of you would have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but have you ever heard of the Triangle of Death? It is located in a district called Campania in Italy. It holds a triangle of trash and is widely known as Europe’s largest illegal waste dump.  The situation in Campania is worsening because its residents […]

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Driving AI Into Vehicle Insurance, Part 2: Automating Vehicle Damage Estimation

Insurance claims have always been a bone of contention for everyone involved. Customers complain about how long the process is, and insurers need to be on the constant lookout for fraud. The million-dollar question is, Why don’t we try to make the claims process simpler when such accidents pose such an inevitable threat? In our previous […]

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Automated Vehicle Categorization using AI-powered real-time Video Analytics

Human vision is a powerful tool that allows us to accurately perceive the world around us. But, it is not sufficient to meet the ever-growing demands poised by businesses and organizations. Take the case of security surveillance for example. Here, a security officer needs to stare at multiple screens that displays live footage from CCTV […]

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Driving AI Into Vehicle Insurance, Part 1: Automating Insurance Eligibility Verification

Have you ever met with a vehicle accident? If you did, most likely you are familiar with the hassles involved in the vehicle insurance claiming. Filing an insurance claim and having it processed can be the most tedious and frustrating part of the entire insurance settlement. The processes involved are slow and opaque — this is because the claims are […]

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Role of AI in optimizing business management

How often in business management do you get bogged down with monotonous and repetitive work?. If your answer is often, then you might know the role that AI plays in proper Business Management. Your creative juices will dry up in the snap of a finger unless you depend on AI solutions. In this highly competitive […]

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How can AI enhance the hospitality industry?

In the 21st century, industries that are hesitant to integrate new technologies are likely to regress in their course of development. Businesses across the globe are integrating the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competitors. The last decade has seen a vast number of innovations and breakthroughs in the landscape of digital solutions. One […]

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AI For Advanced Security And Surveillance

In 2016, three million Yahoo accounts were hacked, which is considered to be one of the biggest breaches of all time. As technology is evolving at a rapid pace, the nature of the security attacks are also evolving and newer threats are being fired at organizations worldwide. In this context, traditional security surveillance systems are not efficient […]

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Computer vision towards a new-age business

Our visual cortex is one of the primary entry points for our perception of the world into our conscious mind. Embedding such a functionality into a machine lets you develop a system that is intuitive and self-evolving and which interacts with the real world with near-human level cognition. This is currently achieved through the field […]

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How Computational thinking can accelerate productivity in NewGen workplaces?

The 21st century is distinguished from its previous millennia by the technological breakthroughs of the past decade. The internet, the biggest invention of this era, is what triggered a paradigm shift in people’s thought process and even defined new rules of communication. It brought people together from different realms onto a common platform to initiate collaborative […]

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