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How AI and IoT is Transforming the Trucking Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) is finding a lot of practical applications in supply chain management. In combination with AI, IoT can be used in a number of high-tech applications that has been transforming the trucking industry. AI-enabled IoT in Logistics Management has taken the leap from theory to operational reality in a number of significant ways. […]

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AI enabled IoT in Logistics Management

From a factory floor to the shop door, a product traverses the world to get to the end customer. It’s easy to narrate, but quite sophisticated to execute. Logistics management has always been a predicament for managers; the conventional methods are mostly inefficient and as the scale of the organization increases, the likelihood for the resources to be mismanaged becomes […]

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We just open-sourced our KYC platform. See why you need one

Did you know that banks in Europe spent an average of 40 Million Euros a year each for KYC compliance? KYC or Know Your Customer compliance is one of the most critical components of today’s service-oriented businesses in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Government Benefit Schemes and much more. A simple KYC system for a […]

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