How to choose the right consensus protocol for permissioned blockchain networks

A consensus protocol enables all the parties of the blockchain network to come to a common agreement (consensus) on the present data state of the ledger.

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Understanding Loki Hybrid Consensus Algorithm

In the previous article of the technical paper review series, we explored FastFabric, Understanding FastFabric: How to scale Hyperledger transactions per second In this article, we’ll review the hybrid consensus algorithm – LOKI, which is a privacy oriented blockchain system, which was built on top of Monero source code. Loki uses a hybrid proof of […]

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We have Dagger2. Then why Koin?

Dagger2 is written in Java and Koin in Kotlin, and using both libraries in a Kotlin project should not be a challenge. However, implementing Koin in Java could be a little tricky. One notable information worth mentioning is that while Dagger2 is a fully acknowledged DI project, where as Koin is only described as a […]

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Understanding FastFabric: How to scale Hyperledger transactions per second

Hyperledger fabric is the most popular, production ready permissioned blockchain developed by IBM, now maintained under the Linux Foundation. Higher throughput was always a challenge for blockchain technologies, the paper tries to address this issue and put forward a couple of plug and play optimisations in the Fabric architecture to enhance its performance from 3k to 20k transaction per second.

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Getting Started with Corda DLT

This blog post tells you about what Blockchain is, and a brief introduction into one of the blockchain platforms — Corda. Few months back, one of my colleague challenged us for a LinkedIn viral question “Explain Blockchain in 10 words.” Now that i have found it , i can swiftly find my way whenever i […]

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Scalable Governance Model And Best Practises For Oil & Gas Companies

According to the International Energy Agency’s report, the global demand for energy is set to grow by 37% by 2040. To meet this growing demand, the Oil & Gas industry needs to invest over $900 billion a year by the 2030s. By this time, it is estimated that oil and gas will account for around 60% […]

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Blockchain Goes To School: How Blockchain Revolutionize The Educational Sector

Over the last few years, Blockchain is garnering attention from all over the world. It is one of the most impactful technological developments in the last decade, just like the internet in the mid-’90s and smartphones in late 2000. This is mainly due to its unique features such as decentralization, security, reliability, and data integrity. […]

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Blockchain identity management systems

Blockchain identity management systems helps to keep personal and business data more safe and secure. In each blockchain identity management system involved business transactions, user data is given utmost importance. Trust is perhaps the most critical component in any business or a transaction between two people. For instance, if you are purchasing a commodity online, […]

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Blockchain & Land Registry Management: A Power-packed Duo that Governments Should Root For

Seriously, Why should governments root for a blockchain land registry system? Blockchain is relatively a young technology and its potential use cases have escalated at a disruptive pace since the inception of the technology back in 2008. It was only a matter of time before it embraced land registry management under its purview. This technology is […]

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