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Want to develop an app like Uber? Consider These Things First!

With the success of the ride-sharing app like Uber, the popularity of the ‘On-demand business model’ has grown considerably. What started as a unique strategy has become a core part of many businesses. The model provides instant provisioning of goods and services to customers. From booking a cab, ordering food, for package delivery or hiring a […]

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How retailers can sell more by tracking shoppers’ emotions

Retailers are often the first to adopt groundbreaking technology innovations because they deal with the end consumers most. When Artificial Intelligence (AI) started to make inroads into mainstream technology, retailers were the most interested in its prospects. The success mantra for retailers is knowing as many insights about a shopper in order to offer the […]

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CORE ML – Powering iOS applications with Machine learning

The Apple WWDC 2017 saw a host of interesting new developments for iOS enthusiasts with regards to new coding frameworks, API’s and much more. One of the key focus areas during the conference was undoubtedly the Core ML framework announced by Apple. Core ML is Apple’s official foray into the world of Machine Learning for […]

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