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How to make your ICO successful ?

  Initial coin offerings or ICOs have grabbed the attention of a vast populace last year, with a staggering 752 ICO raking in over US$ 5 billion. Interestingly, a majority of the ICOs funded projects are based on Blockchain technology and promises to make a big impact on the respective domains due to its decentralized […]

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Fighting corruption with Blockchain; From business procurement process to Government projects

Over the last couple of years, Blockchain has increasingly become more popular as more than just a platform for cryptocurrencies. It now promises to revolutionize many domains ranging from healthcare to banking. What makes this technology stand out is the unparalleled level of transparency and decentralization it facilitates. This, along with its ability to maintain […]

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Blockchain for a more effective vehicle service

Over the years I have observed that the automobile sector is one of the most thriving industrial domain today that witnesses stunning growth figures year on year. Clocking a global average of 4.8% growth annually, it sees rapid traction across geographies and is one of the hotbeds for technology innovations. Automobile companies have constantly embraced […]

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The Future Of Retail Intelligence – The Thought Phase.

Everything you know about the retail industry is changing. It’s not a surprise but if you’ve been watching closely, you must have noticed the changes are in its best pace than ever. The outbreak of Artificial Intelligence and its penetration in different sectors have also cast direct reflections in the retail industry in many ways. […]

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