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5 Ways Startups Can Reduce Risks in Software Development Projects

The startup landscape is constantly increasing – in Australia alone 974 companies are founded every day and globally approximately 100 million startups commence every year. We have seen a steady increase in the number of new companies that are investing in software development projects to build solutions for customers or internal users thanks to: Lower […]

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Scalable web application architecture that can host millions of users

If you’re planning to build a web application or a web platform, your first priority should be its architecture’s scalability, especially if you expect it to host millions of users. The scalability of a web application can either make or break its success in the market. An average user expects a web page to load […]

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5 Tools that can help increase the ROI of Start Up Software Projects

Software development for a start-up represents a significant investment, and whether you’re an Investor, Founder or CTO, you’ll want to maximize the amount of return and minimize the time it takes to achieve that return.  For anyone working with software development teams, either internal or external, there are tools available that play their part in […]

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