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How a Blockchain Based Identity Management System can Prevent Identity Thefts and Frauds.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, in the year 2017, over 16.7 million people in the U.S were victims of identity fraud. These numbers only represent the cases that were reported. Most of the time, individuals have no idea that their digital identities have been compromised until they attempt to purchase a property or […]

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How Blockchain is transforming the Real Estate industry

The real estate sector is now witnessing growing interest from buyers after nearly a decade of slow growth since the great recession in 2008. People are now willing to invest more, thanks to the improved financial positioning of economies and flexible banking options. However, the increased interest also brought with it a higher rate of fraudulent […]

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How AI in Human resource management can help make your workplace 10x efficient?

Use of AI in human resource management system had triggered the start of a new age for team managers. Conversational AI in human resource management system had made enterprise-level digital training programs possible, thus improving the overall employee efficiency ten fold. Did you know that any organization, irrespective of the industry, most companies have to […]

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Understanding STOs (Security Token Offerings)

The buzz created by ICOs for past 2 years have caught the attention of almost every entrepreneur. Especially since in 2017 when it outperformed venture capital funding and became the number one method of funding blockchain organizations. The rapid growth in this particular sector has attracted a few fraudsters to come up with fake campaigns […]

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Why KYC compliance is necessary for ICO?

In the early days of ICOs, startups that used token sales to raise funds created their own set of rules and regulations as opposed to abiding by laws. This led to the rise in illegal operations like scams, frauds and money laundering as laws that regulated such sales were in its infancy and not executed […]

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How Bounty Programs can help your ICO project

We’ve already discussed in previous posts about how ICOs are the most popular method for startups to raise funds for their project or idea. A well-tailored marketing strategy – the bounty program can make your ICO reach to a large group of potential investors and increase your value. It is old school but still very […]

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How to make the best out of your ICO’s PR strategy

Launching an ICO can be very exciting for new startups. It gives you a hope that your newest project can get all the funds and investments easily. Smooth sailing, right? One would think so since last year, startups raised over $5.6 billion in funding through ICOs. That is huge. However, only 48% of those ICOs […]

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Revolutionizing remittance industry with Blockchain

According to the World Bank, the officially recorded remittances to developing countries during 2016 is $429 billion. This may come as a surprise to those who are unfamiliar with the multi-billion dollar market of remittance industry. Technically speaking, remittance is a peer-to-peer transaction among migrant workers to their families in the home country. These global […]

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Understanding ICO token models. How to choose the best for your project?

The ICO market is growing rapidly and it’s a new avenue for startups to raise funds needed to launch their projects. Defining and communicating each facet of a token sale is very important for the successful funding as it mitigates risks and illustrates trust and transparency between founders and investors. One of the key aspects […]

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