How NLP can facilitate better governance and enhanced citizen experience

  Governments or Public services is one sector which can benefit the most out of the technological advancements. However, it probably is the laziest sector in adopting newer technologies. Most government agencies across the world still run using obsolete technologies and are missing out big time on the opportunities to improve governance using cutting edge technologies. […]

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Our insights on using Flutter for mobile app development

In the mobile app development space, use of Flutter for mobile app development is a hot topic. Many of our customers started inquiring if they should go with Flutter over traditional methods, what are the benefits involved etc. This article briefs our insights on using flutter for mobile app development. What is flutter? Flutter is […]

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What is Big Data Ingestion and Why it matters for your business?

I hope we all agree that our future will be highly data-driven. In today’s connected and digitally transformed the world, data collected from several sources can help an organization to foresee its future and make informed decisions to perform better. Businesses, enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations which realized this, is already on its pursuit […]

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The Best practices to get your product developed with An Offshore Development Team

Nowadays it is pretty common for a company to have its development team scattered across different countries or continents. Many businesses and entrepreneurs hire remote teams to develop their software offshore. This is because building an in-house development team is often a time consuming and costly. On the other hand, a dedicated off-shore development team […]

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Scalable Governance Model And Best Practises For Oil & Gas Companies

According to the International Energy Agency’s report, the global demand for energy is set to grow by 37% by 2040. To meet this growing demand, the Oil & Gas industry needs to invest over $900 billion a year by the 2030s. By this time, it is estimated that oil and gas will account for around 60% […]

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Building A Scalable Multi-Tenant SaaS Platform

The demand for Multi Tenant SaaS (Software as a service) platforms are growing. According to a tech poll conducted by IDG (a leading data, and marketing services company), 73% of organizations are planning to move almost all of their apps to SaaS by 2020. Without any surprises, this has resulted in the emergence of numerous […]

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Do You Really Need Kubernetes In Your Start-Up?

Kubernetes is one of the most popular and advanced orchestration tools that currently exist in the world of DevOps. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing open-source projects worldwide. Kubernetes or K8 is considered the next big wave in cloud computing and many businesses and start-ups wants to embrace Kubernetes. Cloud vendors like Amazon Web […]

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How AI Powered Video Analytics Can Take Airport Performance to Cruising Altitudes!

As air travel is getting more affordable, the number of air travelers is skyrocketing. According to the recent findings by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the total air passenger traffic will reach 8.2 Billion by 2037. Along with passenger numbers, passenger expectations are also growing. These rising passenger numbers have put pressure on airports all over the […]

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Want to develop an app like Uber? Consider These Things First!

With the success of the ride-sharing app like Uber, the popularity of the ‘On-demand business model’ has grown considerably. What started as a unique strategy has become a core part of many businesses. The model provides instant provisioning of goods and services to customers. From booking a cab, ordering food, for package delivery or hiring a […]

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