How to Automate Statement Reconciliation using RPA

Automating statement reconciliation is crucial for many businesses, especially for those in the banking and financial services sector. It ensures that all invoices have been received and all documents are posted correctly. Efficient and accurate statement reconciliation can help businesses to check for discrepancies in data, eliminate duplicate information, and resolve missing invoices.  Undoubtedly, manual […]

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Automating Customer Service using Hybrid AI chatbots and conversational tools

Elegant customer service is one of the most critical factor that determines the success of a brand and the business attached to it. From a customer’s perspective, what define a good customer service is the following three elements. Speedy resolution of their grievances. Resolution for problems within a single interaction. Friendly customer service agent. Of […]

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Flutter Tutorial : How to Navigate between Widgets and Screens

Google’s UI toolkit, Flutter has caught the attention of a lot of developers, business owners etc. App development can be made much faster using Flutter and it also offers expressive and flexible UI. In a previous article, I shared my insights on using Flutter for mobile app development. Navigation between widgets/screens is very important for […]

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Understanding Loki Hybrid Consensus Algorithm

In the previous article of the technical paper review series, we explored FastFabric, Understanding FastFabric: How to scale Hyperledger transactions per second In this article, we’ll review the hybrid consensus algorithm – LOKI, which is a privacy oriented blockchain system, which was built on top of Monero source code. Loki uses a hybrid proof of […]

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How anomaly detection can help today’s business world

Imagine a scenario where your credit card gets stolen. It is very likely that the thief will go on a shopping spree and spend large amounts of your money. Many payment processor companies like PayPal keep tabs on the usage patterns of your card. The usage pattern accounts for transaction amounts, the location of the […]

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Enabling cross border travel during a pandemic

Several industries have been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Malls and shopping centres are temporarily shut down, affecting the retail and e-commerce industries. The entertainment industry is also seeing a huge decline as movie theatres are being shut down. The NBA has suspended its season after a player was tested positive for COVID-19 and […]

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We have Dagger2. Then why Koin?

Dagger2 is written in Java and Koin in Kotlin, and using both libraries in a Kotlin project should not be a challenge. However, implementing Koin in Java could be a little tricky. One notable information worth mentioning is that while Dagger2 is a fully acknowledged DI project, where as Koin is only described as a […]

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Why the existing contact tracing apps could worsen the COVID-19 situation

Contact tracing apps are currently all governments’ best tool to fight the COVID-19. But is that enough? The COVID-19 pandemic has come as a huge wake-up call to governments all around the world. This outbreak has made us realize that we are nowhere near prepared to handle a contagion of this scale. The brightest minds […]

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Hive Installation on ubuntu 18.04 | MySQL Metastore

Apache Hive is a data warehouse infrastructure that facilitates querying and managing large data sets which resides in distributed storage system. It is developed on top of Hadoop. Hive has its own SQL-like query language called HiveQL (Hive Query Language). Hive query language is similar to SQL wherein it supports subqueries. With Hive query language, it is possible […]

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