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Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Discovery

In this article, we’ll go through the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in drug discovery. Drug discovery is a crucial aspect of the health industry. The main goal behind it is to bring forth a new compound that is proven to have a therapeutic effect to its users. Although our understanding of biological systems has […]

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How to Automate Statement Reconciliation using RPA

Automating statement reconciliation is crucial for many businesses, especially for those in the banking and financial services sector. It ensures that all invoices have been received and all documents are posted correctly. Efficient and accurate statement reconciliation can help businesses to check for discrepancies in data, eliminate duplicate information, and resolve missing invoices.  Undoubtedly, manual […]

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How anomaly detection can help today’s business world

Imagine a scenario where your credit card gets stolen. It is very likely that the thief will go on a shopping spree and spend large amounts of your money. Many payment processor companies like PayPal keep tabs on the usage patterns of your card. The usage pattern accounts for transaction amounts, the location of the […]

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How machine learning is improving our fraud detection systems

Are you aware that in 2020, the number of customers who have fallen victim to fraudulent activities was around 25.4 million people, which is 16 percent higher than 2019. Advancements in the digital space opens up new channels for financial services distribution all over the globe. But it also creates a perfect environment for fraudsters. […]

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AI-powered cloud occurrence prediction: The sixth sense for solar farms, Insurance companies, and ATCC

Remember the days you used to look up in the sky and try to discern shapes out of clouds? These Big, fluffy masses that float in different shapes and sizes regulate Earth’s energy balance and it is an essential part of the hydrologic cycle. It’s a blessing. But this is just the tip of the […]

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Age of data-driven expos and events: Understand your visitors and their actions better with Vision AI

“Smile! You’re on camera” is a sign that is becoming increasingly common. CCTV cameras can be found in most stores, buildings, public places, events, etc. Is your organization under CCTV surveillance? If yes, are you getting the most benefit out of your investments in CCTV infrastructure? Let’s see a case study of how we helped […]

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