H1B visa prediction using AI – See how likely you will get one

Artificial intelligence today finds its application in fields ranging from Life Sciences to Space Exploration. But did you know that it can even aid in telling you whether you are eligible for a US Work Permit or more specifically, what are the chances of you being granted an H1B non-immigrant work visa by the United […]

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Intelligent Occupancy Management using AI

The global market for Smart Homes is increasing at a very rapid pace. In 2022, the worldwide market for smart homes is expected to reach 122 Billion US Dollars. In 2016 alone there were around 80 million smart home devices shipped across the world to homes that included smart devices such as Alexa, Google Home, […]

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LIVER disorder detection using Machine Learning

  Like we have covered in our previous blog, Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being utilized by the healthcare service organizations and the medical fraternity to help combat rising incidents of disorders globally. The amount of data that AI systems can process and drill out insights is so huge that it might take years for medical […]

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Breast cancer detection using Machine Learning

Breast Cancer diagnostics has evolved over time from regular physical check-ups with your family doctor to high-end mammogram tests that have helped numerous women survive from the deadly disease thanks to earlier diagnostics and treatment. But very often we see several women reluctant to visit the doctor or their local health clinic for a routine […]

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Signature forgery detection using AI

Have you ever thought that a machine would be able to distinguish between forged and genuine signatures? Well, forgery detection is indeed possible today thanks to the growth of Artificial Intelligence enabled identity management systems. An AI enabled system can smoothly segregate false signatures from documents and enable stakeholders to validate their identity for compliance […]

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The Future Of Retail Intelligence – The Thought Phase.

Everything you know about the retail industry is changing. It’s not a surprise but if you’ve been watching closely, you must have noticed the changes are in its best pace than ever. The outbreak of Artificial Intelligence and its penetration in different sectors have also cast direct reflections in the retail industry in many ways. […]

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Diabetes diagnosis using Machine learning

    In the US alone one out of three adults have diabetes but nine out of ten such people do not know that they have it. Diabetes Awareness is a big issue today mainly because of the rising costs of treating the condition once it becomes diagnosed at later stages. In 2012 alone medical […]

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