Computer vision towards a new-age business

Our visual cortex is one of the primary entry points for our perception of the world into our conscious mind. Embedding such a functionality into a machine lets you develop a system that is intuitive and self-evolving and which interacts with the real world with near-human level cognition. This is currently achieved through the field […]

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AI enabled IoT in Logistics Management

From a factory floor to the shop door, a product traverses the world to get to the end customer. It’s easy to narrate, but quite sophisticated to execute. Logistics management has always been a predicament for managers; the conventional methods are mostly inefficient and as the scale of the organization increases, the likelihood for the resources to be mismanaged becomes […]

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How Computational thinking can accelerate productivity in NewGen workplaces?

The 21st century is distinguished from its previous millennia by the technological breakthroughs of the past decade. The internet, the biggest invention of this era, is what triggered a paradigm shift in people’s thought process and even defined new rules of communication. It brought people together from different realms onto a common platform to initiate collaborative […]

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Optimising Job scheduling and resource allocation efficiency with AI: A case study

Humans saw birds flying in the sky and wished to do the same. That desire is what inspired the invention of the airplane. We studied the aerodynamics involved when a bird flew and used that knowledge to build a plane. When we wanted to conquer the seas, we observed the whales and built a submarine. […]

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High speed and cost effective computing for Artificial Intelligence applications

Artificial intelligence solutions are making its way into practically every aspect of our life. This is primarily due to the fact that we live in a data-driven ecosystem now. We generate so much data that we are incapable of handling it manually. This calls for deep learning and machine learning based solutions that can do […]

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CORE ML – Powering iOS applications with Machine learning

The Apple WWDC 2017 saw a host of interesting new developments for iOS enthusiasts with regards to new coding frameworks, API’s and much more. One of the key focus areas during the conference was undoubtedly the Core ML framework announced by Apple. Core ML is Apple’s official foray into the world of Machine Learning for […]

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H1B visa prediction using AI – See how likely you will get one

Artificial intelligence today finds its application in fields ranging from Life Sciences to Space Exploration. But did you know that it can even aid in telling you whether you are eligible for a US Work Permit or more specifically, what are the chances of you being granted an H1B non-immigrant work visa by the United […]

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Intelligent Occupancy Management using AI

The global market for Smart Homes is increasing at a very rapid pace. In 2022, the worldwide market for smart homes is expected to reach 122 Billion US Dollars. In 2016 alone there were around 80 million smart home devices shipped across the world to homes that included smart devices such as Alexa, Google Home, […]

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LIVER disorder detection using Machine Learning

  Like we have covered in our previous blog, Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being utilized by the healthcare service organizations and the medical fraternity to help combat rising incidents of disorders globally. The amount of data that AI systems can process and drill out insights is so huge that it might take years for medical […]

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