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Best practices for developing a live streaming or video conferencing software

During the year 2020, the physical world distanced itself from each other. Our interactions were forced to remain in smaller spaces of blue-lit screens. Yet, many of us adapted quickly to this new normal as life scaled down to the great indoors. The conversations we had in our circle gained the potential to be streamed […]

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What is Web 3.0 and why does it matter for a business?

Imagining a world without the internet is difficult. It has become an essential part of the modern world. It would be impossible to picture our lives without it, especially in light of a worldwide epidemic that has compelled most of us to turn on the internet for our occupational, communicative, educational, financial, and recreational needs—arguably […]

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How Machine Learning Powered Demand Forecasting Can Help Your Business?

Most organizations today use traditional statistical methods (TSM) to predict the future of their business. Anyone who works with TSM would agree that the process is tedious and not very much accurate. The most common factor that accounts for the inefficiency of TSM is human errors. People find it boring to parse through tons of […]

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