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The Future Of Retail Intelligence – The Thought Phase.

Everything you know about the retail industry is changing. It’s not a surprise but if you’ve been watching closely, you must have noticed the changes are in its best pace than ever. The outbreak of Artificial Intelligence and its penetration in different sectors have also cast direct reflections in the retail industry in many ways. […]

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Diabetes diagnosis using machine learning

In this article, we’ll see how machine learning can help in diagnosis of diabetes. In the US alone one out of three adults have diabetes but nine out of ten such people do not know that they have it. Diabetes Diagnosis is a big issue today mainly because of the rising costs of treating the […]

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Spam SMS detection using Machine learning

In this article, we’ll we discuss how spam SMS detection using machine learning helps both users and service providers to save considerable time and financial resources. On an average, a mobile phone user in India receives anywhere between 3 and 5 Spam SMS messages on his or her inbox every single day. This stat is […]

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