Reverse ICO : How existing businesses can launch an ICO

ICOs are launched by blockchain startups to raise funds to develop and deploy their project and to meet the operations costs for a few initial years. Since 2013, we have seen several ICOs and reverse ICO come and go, many of those have succeeded and even more have failed. Anyhow, ICOs have helped numerous entrepreneurs to […]

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What is the best token sale model for your ICO?

So, you’re thinking about starting your own ICO? Well, let’s go one step at a time. You should have written up a white paper describing your goals, what you aim to achieve, how the project got to where it is now and what the investors can expect from it. You could go through the post […]

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How secure is your Smartcontract?

On April 25, 2018, OKEX, the third largest Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange in the world was forced to suspend all ERC20 tokens after the developers discovered a bug called BatchOverFlow that made the tokens vulnerable. Malicious parties could generate a large number of tokens and deposit that into a regular address. This would make many […]

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How to launch a compliant ICO – Private ICO ?

Note: This post does not provide legal advice. In any token sale, there are a host of legal requirements to consider. Please consult your own securities lawyer. “I believe every ICO I’ve seen is a security… ICOs that are securities offerings, we should regulate them like we regulate securities offerings. End of story.” This is […]

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Why KYC compliance is necessary for ICO?

In the early days of ICOs, startups that used token sales to raise funds created their own set of rules and regulations as opposed to abiding by laws. This led to the rise in illegal operations like scams, frauds and money laundering as laws that regulated such sales were in its infancy and not executed […]

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ICO Airdrop Programs : How to do it for the maximum results ?

What makes ICOs so desirable for the startups is undoubtedly their ability to raise funds easily for the development of the company. However, attracting investors towards an ICO is clearly a difficult task at hand. Numerous ICOs are being introduced every day and as a result, raising the funds you require may seem like a pipe dream […]

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How Bounty Programs can help your ICO project

We’ve already discussed in previous posts about how ICOs are the most popular method for startups to raise funds for their project or idea. A well-tailored marketing strategy – the bounty program can make your ICO reach to a large group of potential investors and increase your value. It is old school but still very […]

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How important is Referral Programs for your ICO?

Mostly, it is difficult for ICO founders to gather enough people to invest in their project but a good marketing strategy can make a difference. This brings me to the topic at hand — Referral Programs : one of the most effective marketing strategy involving word of mouth. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Referral marketing is the […]

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How to make the best out of your ICO’s PR strategy

Launching an ICO can be very exciting for new startups. It gives you a hope that your newest project can get all the funds and investments easily. Smooth sailing, right? One would think so since last year, startups raised over $5.6 billion in funding through ICOs. That is huge. However, only 48% of those ICOs […]

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