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Image classification using transfer learning and Pytorch

In this article, we’ll be discussing on how image classification using transfer learning and Pytorch library helps developers to train deep neural networks with comparatively low amount of data. As we know, image classification is an integral part fo many businesses like e-commerce, automobile, stock photography, social media, medical image analysis etc. The objective of […]

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Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Discovery

In this article, we’ll go through the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in drug discovery. Drug discovery is a crucial aspect of the health industry. The main goal behind it is to bring forth a new compound that is proven to have a therapeutic effect to its users. Although our understanding of biological systems has […]

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How do you choose the right VM size in Azure?

If your business has finally decided to migrate from an on-premises location to a cloud computing platform, you will know that the transition can be a daunting one. There are a number of things that you will have to consider like the cloud provider, cloud deployment type, cloud capacity etc. In a previous article, we […]

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How to Choose the Right Cloud Service for Your Business – Part 1

In this article series, we would be discussing how to choose the right cloud service for your business. In this first part, we’ll go through the basics of cloud computing and different models/types of cloud services. In the upcoming articles, we’ll discuss in detail the best practices and know-hows for the prominent cloud service providers […]

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Face mask detection on ARM-based devices and other embedded systems

Wearing face masks at public places has become a norm today. Several governments even made it mandatory for people to wear face masks to curb the spread of the pandemic. But, bringing such a large scale behavioral change in a short duration of time is almost impossible. Manually identifying people at public places who are […]

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How AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales

In this article, we would be discussing on how AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales. We all know that businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their brand positioning and marketing strategies. In today’s digital world, consumers have become much more demanding in their expectations. Brands can no longer […]

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How to choose the right consensus protocol for permissioned blockchain networks

A consensus protocol enables all the parties of the blockchain network to come to a common agreement (consensus) on the present data state of the ledger.

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How to Automate Statement Reconciliation using RPA

Automating statement reconciliation is crucial for many businesses, especially for those in the banking and financial services sector. It ensures that all invoices have been received and all documents are posted correctly. Efficient and accurate statement reconciliation can help businesses to check for discrepancies in data, eliminate duplicate information, and resolve missing invoices.  Undoubtedly, manual […]

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Automating Customer Service using Hybrid AI chatbots and conversational tools

Elegant customer service is one of the most critical factor that determines the success of a brand and the business attached to it. From a customer’s perspective, what define a good customer service is the following three elements. Speedy resolution of their grievances. Resolution for problems within a single interaction. Friendly customer service agent. Of […]

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