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We have Dagger2. Then why Koin?

Dagger2 is written in Java and Koin in Kotlin, and using both libraries in a Kotlin project should not be a challenge. However, implementing Koin in Java could be a little tricky. One notable information worth mentioning is that while Dagger2 is a fully acknowledged DI project, where as Koin is only described as a […]

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Why the existing contact tracing apps could worsen the COVID-19 situation

Contact tracing apps are currently all governments’ best tool to fight the COVID-19. But is that enough? The COVID-19 pandemic has come as a huge wake-up call to governments all around the world. This outbreak has made us realize that we are nowhere near prepared to handle a contagion of this scale. The brightest minds […]

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Understanding FastFabric: How to scale Hyperledger transactions per second

Hyperledger fabric is the most popular, production ready permissioned blockchain developed by IBM, now maintained under the Linux Foundation. Higher throughput was always a challenge for blockchain technologies, the paper tries to address this issue and put forward a couple of plug and play optimisations in the Fabric architecture to enhance its performance from 3k to 20k transaction per second.

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Hive Installation on ubuntu 18.04 | MySQL Metastore

Apache Hive is a data warehouse infrastructure that facilitates querying and managing large data sets which resides in distributed storage system. It is developed on top of Hadoop. Hive has its own SQL-like query language called HiveQL (Hive Query Language). Hive query language is similar to SQL wherein it supports subqueries. With Hive query language, it is possible […]

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Revolutionizing user experience with Progressive Web Applications

Have you ever accessed Instagram through your browser? Most likely, you would have seen a dialog box that says ‘Add Instagram to your Home screen- Get Instagram quickly and easily by adding it to your home screen’. If you click yes, you would have downloaded a progressive web application straight from your browser.  What are […]

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Changing the Course of Pandemics with Technology

With nearly 500 million confirmed cases, the Spanish flu is widely known as one of the deadliest pandemics in history. It was a highly infectious disease that started in 1918 and caused more than 17 million deaths. COVID-19 is another such infectious disease. However, we are much more equipped to deal with a pandemic now […]

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Getting Started with Corda DLT

This blog post tells you about what Blockchain is, and a brief introduction into one of the blockchain platforms — Corda. Few months back, one of my colleague challenged us for a LinkedIn viral question “Explain Blockchain in 10 words.” Now that i have found it , i can swiftly find my way whenever i […]

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AI-powered cloud occurrence prediction: The sixth sense for solar farms, Insurance companies, and ATCC

Remember the days you used to look up in the sky and try to discern shapes out of clouds? These Big, fluffy masses that float in different shapes and sizes regulate Earth’s energy balance and it is an essential part of the hydrologic cycle. It’s a blessing. But this is just the tip of the […]

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Age of data-driven expos and events: Understand your visitors and their actions better with Vision AI

“Smile! You’re on camera” is a sign that is becoming increasingly common. CCTV cameras can be found in most stores, buildings, public places, events, etc. Is your organization under CCTV surveillance? If yes, are you getting the most benefit out of your investments in CCTV infrastructure? Let’s see a case study of how we helped […]

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