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Bridging the cryptocurrency gap between retailers and consumers

The worldwide e-commerce retail sales surpassed $2.2 trillion in 2017 and it is estimated to reach up to $4.5 trillion by 2021. Online businesses contained roughly 10% of the average worldwide retail deals in 2017 and over the next 3 years, it will increase by another 5.4%. Amazon and Alibaba are right now the world’s […]

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How blockchain can make your business’s procurement process more efficient?

According to the UK’s annual fraud indicator in 2017, it was found that the annual cost of fraud in the UK is £190 billion, equal to around £10,000 per family. A significant portion of this is accounted for frauds happening at different stages of a procurement process in different organizations. Procurement fraud is a malpractice where someone dishonestly gaining […]

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How blockchain can improve the healthcare sector?

Since it’s inception, Blockchain technology has made a big impact in the finance sector by the introduction of blockchain based cryptocurrencies. This decentralized and trustless system offers many benefits such as cutting out the middleman, reducing transaction fees for overseas payment etc. Over the past couple of years, Blockchain has made its penetration into a lot […]

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How to make your ICO marketing strategy more effective?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) has been the shining light for many fledgling companies out there, trying to get a  foothold in the darkness that looms in a fiercely competitive space. If you are a fledgling company, you must have experienced such difficulties. ICOs could help you raise funds quickly, without the hassles of regulations and […]

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How to prepare your ICO Whitepaper?

Initial coin offerings or ICOs have opened a whole new dimension to how startups garner consumer interest and raise funds for realizing their projects. In most countries, ICOs are largely unregulated, allowing for greater flexibility for Blockchain-based companies to pitch their products or solutions to prospective investors. However, lack of regulations and growing skepticism among […]

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How to increase investors’ trust in your ICO?

Initial Coin Offerings have quickly grown as a method of securing  startup funding for blockchain-based companies than venture capital. According to PwC, 537 ICOs with a total volume of more than $13.7 billion have been registered since the beginning of 2018. This is nearly twice the volume of ICOs registered in 2017;   552 ICOs […]

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How to make your ICO successful ?

  Initial coin offerings or ICOs have grabbed the attention of a vast populace last year, with a staggering 752 ICO raking in over US$ 5 billion. Interestingly, a majority of the ICOs funded projects are based on Blockchain technology and promises to make a big impact on the respective domains due to its decentralized […]

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Fighting corruption with Blockchain; From business procurement process to Government projects

Over the last couple of years, Blockchain has increasingly become more popular as more than just a platform for cryptocurrencies. It now promises to revolutionize many domains ranging from healthcare to banking. What makes this technology stand out is the unparalleled level of transparency and decentralization it facilitates. This, along with its ability to maintain […]

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Utility token or Security token? How to choose the best for your ICO

The cash registers seem to be ringing non-stop with cryptocurrencies ruling the charts across the globe. Everyone seems to be hopping onto the bandwagon of cryptocurrencies, with a steady increase in the number of startups offering their own iterations of these virtual currencies. If you too are looking to cash in on this emerging trend, […]

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