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How AI and IoT is Transforming the Trucking Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) is finding a lot of practical applications in supply chain management. In combination with AI, IoT can be used in a number of high-tech applications that has been transforming the trucking industry. AI-enabled IoT in Logistics Management has taken the leap from theory to operational reality in a number of significant ways. […]

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How real time video analytics can benefit your organization?

The global CCTV market is expected to reach $23.5 billion per year by the end of 2014. We are heading to a future where almost ‘everywhere’ is under constant surveillance of a digital eye. The data that we get from all there cameras, CCTVs are beyond the limit of human analysis. It is, in fact, […]

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Essential Security Measures for Docker deployments of Blockchain Applications

“Let’s dockerize it” is a phrase that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years among techies. Chances are, you have heard the same, regardless of whether you are a blockchain developer, AI developer, a product owner, DevOps or even QA. Dockers essentially make lives easy for developers by making it effortless […]

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Can blockchain revolutionize the digital signage industry?

By now you’re probably familiar with bitcoin, ripple and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is the platform that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use to make trades. In other words, Blockchain is an automated digital book-keeper that contains every transaction ever executed of all. While still in its infancy, Blockchain is quickly becoming a technology far […]

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AI based product categorization: An end to e-tailers’ plight

In the crudest layman terms, product categorization is the use of various words or tags one would use to search and locate a particular object in a repository of various different objects. For instance, one of the most trusted and inseparable companions of people today, the smartphone can be broadly categorized as an electronic device, […]

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How a Blockchain Based Identity Management System can Prevent Identity Thefts and Frauds.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, in the year 2017, over 16.7 million people in the U.S were victims of identity fraud. These numbers only represent the cases that were reported. Most of the time, individuals have no idea that their digital identities have been compromised until they attempt to purchase a property or […]

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How Blockchain technology is disrupting the retail industry

The retail industry is focused on customer experience and technologies such as artificial intelligence to conversational bots to future payments are revolutionizing that domain. But what about Blockchain? While blockchain was developed a decade ago, it has been compared with the internet in terms of the impact it could have on business and society. Michael […]

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What is RPA and how is it different from AI?

Let’s demystify Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and what and where RPA and AI are more applicable. RPA is a software that copies human behavior or actions, whereas AI is a broad term where a machine simulates human intelligence such as sensing things, making deductions and communicate. The keywords here are – actions vs intelligence. However, […]

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How can AI enhance the hospitality industry?

In the 21st century, industries that are hesitant to integrate new technologies are likely to regress in their course of development. Businesses across the globe are integrating the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competitors. The last decade has seen a vast number of innovations and breakthroughs in the landscape of digital solutions. One […]

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